Ohio Home Care Program

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What is the Ohio Home Care Program? (OHCP)

Ohio Home Care is Medicaid's integrated program of home care services. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) administers the Ohio Home Care Program through the Bureau of Long Term Care Services & Supports (BLTCSS).

Benefits & Services

The OHCW program benefit package consists of nursing services, personal care assistance services and/or skilled therapy services, plus waiver-specific services such as home modifications, home-delivered meals, adult day care, respite care, supplemental transportation, adaptive/assistive devices, and emergency response systems. ODJFS contracts with CareStar to provide case management services for over 13,000 participants.

Who is eligible?

The OHCW program is designed to meet the needs of financially eligible consumers who have been assessed to require an intermediate or skilled level of care and who are age 59 or younger. Without the services available through the waiver benefit, these consumers are at risk for hospital or nursing home placement. Consumers approved for the OHCW benefit may receive care and services at home.

**Please note that a waiting list may exist when you apply. When a “slot” in the program becomes available, applicants on the waiting list will be notified by certified letter so that they can re-apply within 30 days.

For consumer INTAKE information and application call  1-800-616-3718  and follow the prompts.

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Customer Service: 1-800-616-3718

‚ÄčEmail: feedback@carestar.com