End of Year Reflection 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, we are excited to share this Year in Review to highlight the outstanding accomplishments throughout the Company. In many ways, 2020 has been an unprecedented year, both in the marketplace and within CareStar. There were challenges presented that could not have been anticipated.

Despite these challenges, throughout the year, CareStar has continued to establish our key mission of “Improving Communities by Improving Lives,” and the below report will demonstrate all the incredible ways each program or function of our business contributed to this goal. CareStar demonstrates daily an unwavering commitment to the individuals we serve. Their need for services, supports, resources, connections and care are amplified many times when faced with challenges that most would deem a minor disruption or obstacle. It also reiterates our key philosophy that it is through our five (5) Core Values of Fairness, Integrity, Innovation, Service and Respect (represented by the five (5) points of the CareStar Star) that these great accomplishments are possible.

CareStar is blessed with employees who possess the resilience, knowledge and skills to overcome the challenges faced on a daily basis and is blessed to be recognized by our peers for the work performed. Therefore, CareStar hopes you read this with pride and confidence as the Company continues along a successful path to increasing and expanding the ways we can improve the lives and communities we are fortunate to touch and impact! Join us in celebrating 2020 and looking forward to a great 2021!

2020 End of Year Reflection