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About Us

CareStar believes in supporting the personal growth and education of individuals whose personal circumstances may not always translate into opportunities. Understanding these challenges, CareStar’s services are focused on providing our knowledge and experience, in conjunction with community resources, to help individuals live a better life. This is true for both the individuals we serve through the Company, but also with our current employees. CareStar through its work in the community sees a dire need for basic life skills and navigation. In many instances these needs are serviced through direct partnerships with governmental entities (e.g., State or County Contractual Agreements) or through partnerships with private entities. However, not all of these needs can be met through public funding, or with current crises (e.g., COVID-19 Pandemic, economic disparities, etc.) the volume of need outpaces the processes and response plans of entities typically providing these services.

CareStar created a non-profit company to help improve our reach in our communities through grant partnerships with targeted foundations who share a common mission to Improve Communities By Improving Lives. This company’s focus will be to leverage our knowledge and experience in three areas:

  • Case Management and related services.
  • Transitional Services
  • Mentorship.

Mutual Benefits

Currently, CareStar and CareStar Community Services employs nearly five hundred (500) licensed Professionals (Social Workers, Registered Nurses, Case Managers, Mental Health Practitioners, etc.) all living and working in their communities, instead of centralized offices. These employees are answering their calling to serve individuals in their community and are driven by the measurable impact they have.

CareStar Information Systems, CareStar’s technology development, reporting and analytics entity, and the Quality Improvement Team partner with all CareStar entities to ensure the developed policies, processes and services positively impact the individuals served are realized. From the organization of the Program (e.g., referral, assessment, goal setting, coaching and navigation), tracking of quality metrics and reporting to our Program partners, CareStar is proud to demonstrate the impact we have on the population of individuals served. It is through this data-driven process and dedication of our staff, CareStar Community Services ensures we are providing mutual benefit to the individuals served and our program funding partners. We strive to sustain relationships with partners (funders or Foundations) into the future.


CareStar Community Services is committed to the progress and development of individuals served as they develop and pursue their goals and life aspirations. To ensure individuals are provided the necessary resources and assistance, we will secure funds to continue this program after initial grant awards. CareStar Community Services has been proactive in identifying foundations and other funding sources in targeted areas to ensure the longevity of our programs. It is our intention after garnering the initial support needed to begin a program and, through our proven success in the program, additional foundations will be compelled to support the program financially in subsequent years. Upon confirmation of a Grant award, CareStar Community Services will immediately communicate to other potential donors that our program has been initiated. We intend to keep these interested foundations informed of the program status and its outcomes throughout the year. Through this process, overseen by our Director of Proposal and Grant Submissions, CareStar Community Services will obtain all necessary funding to sustain the program for future years.

We are confident in our ability to make a difference in individuals’ lives, just as we have done for more than 30 years across our programs. We eagerly await the opportunity to work with the individuals in your area to help on the path to a better, more fulfilling life and to live our mission of Improving Your/Our Communities by improving Lives! If you have an idea for how CareStar Community Services can positively impact your community and neighbors, please contact us today!