Software Application Development and Solutions

CareStar Information Systems (CSIS) has been providing innovative and high-quality software solutions to customers since 2005. Our expertise in customer application development can be the jumpstart for your more efficient organization. Our expertise in developing process flows customized to your business, with the utilization of the latest Agile/Scrum processes, the latest languages, libraries and frameworks and the latest Data Management, Security and Insight development capabilities, CSIS can deliver fast return on investment (ROI).

Data Management

Across the departments of an organization, data is created and collected every second of the day. The key question is how will it be used? If not collected and stored appropriately, your organization may lose the opportunity to gain valuable insights from it. CareStar’s experience and tools will help you intelligently collect, secure and store your data to setup future analytical and business insight capabilities. Our process experts can help you determine the solutions that are right for you, with our ETL, Data Lake and Data Warehousing processes and tools at your disposal.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data collection in all forms has exploded, but do you have the architecture, tools and experience to efficiently utilize it for better decision-making? Let CareStar’s team of Data Analysts organize, analyze and deliver valuable insights from your data! We use the latest tools and graphics to help you make sense out of your data.

Data Security

With over 32 years of healthcare management, CareStar is in-tune with today’s and the future needs of data security. Managing the most confidential data available, healthcare patient data, securely has been a pride and passion for CareStar. To remain on the forefront of security infrastructure, we proactively sought out the HITRUST Certification because of its industry leading security framework, integrating all aspects of the business, including, but not limited to policy development, implementation, training, execution and Continuous Improvement. Our success in managing data for our business and our partners, can be your success, as well. Whether in the cloud or on-prem, CareStar will be your trusted partner!