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Our Experience

CareStar Information Systems (CSIS) and its sister company, CareStar, have 15 years’ experience managing home and community-based services for the long term chronically disabled population. CSIS’ cloud-based CareStar Management System (CSCMS) has been specifically designed and developed to serve this population.

CSCMS was initially conceived and designed in 1998 by CareStar as an automated information management system for the Ohio Home Care Program (OHCP), a Medicaid waiver program for long term chronically disabled individuals with a skilled nursing facility level of care. After considerable enhancements, CareStar licensed CSCMS to Ohio for its OHCP in 2005. Ohio recently renewed its license to use this software for OHCP, its 11,000 individual participants and 11,000 service providers.

CSCMS has been designed and built by a joint team of clinical and technical experts who combine the knowledge of long-term support services from a nursing and social worker perspective with the knowledge and experience of the state of the art information technology expertise. We also understand BIP and have designed our software to be compatible with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements for BIP. The State of Ohio recognized our expertise by assigning us a seat on their BIP Implementation Group. We believe CSIS is unique among its peers with its ability to offer this package of clinical and technology expertise combined with a track record of fifteen years’ experience successfully managing a statewide case management program.